I’m Dr. Kent. I’m a college professor in Southern California who loves teaching chemistry. But it wasn’t always that way!  In fact…

I was a horrible college student.

It’s true. I was so bad that I was on academic probation the entire first year and a half of my college career! I was bummed and my parents weren’t too thrilled either…

The basic problem was that I had never learned how to learn. High school was pretty much a walk-in-the-park where I barely cracked a book, occasionally crammed, and still pulled out mostly A’s. But college? That was an entirely different ballgame. It was like I’d stepped up to the plate at the World Series and was wondering where my tee-ball was.

It took me a few years, but I eventually figured it out and learned how to succeed. My grades started to climb, along with my confidence. Fast-forward a few more years and I was accepted to graduate school where I earned great grades and my doctorate in chemistry!

Now I’m a college professor. Semester after semester I take what I’ve learned personally and combine it with the experiences of past students to help class after class succeed. At this point I can confidently say that I’ve helped thousands of students be successful in chemistry.

That’s my goal here at GetChemistryHelp. I want you to be successful in chemistry.

I present topics using proven techniques that I know will help you to understand chemistry at a whole new level. As one visitor told me, “My teacher speaks chemistry, but you speak English.”  I take that as high praise!


So What Will You Find at GetChemistryHelp?

  1. Condensed video lessons that present topics succinctly and in an easy-to-understand way. None of the fluff, just the stuff you need to know.
  2. Worksheets that allow you to practice the material you just learned AND video solutions where you can follow along as I solve the problems.
  3. Quizzes to ensure you really understand the material before moving on to the next topic.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for visiting GetChemistryHelp. I look forward to helping you succeed in chemistry!


To your success,





Brief Bio

Dr. Kent and his familyDr. Kent McCorkle, or “Dr. Kent” to his students, has been privileged to teach chemistry at multiple colleges and universities over the past two decades.

From community colleges to major universities, rural schools to urban, small classrooms to huge lecture halls, and across the U.S. from the West Coast to the Midwest to the South, he’s taught a diverse population of students from a myriad of backgrounds with varying needs, preparation, and dreams. He received his B.S. in chemistry from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, followed by his Ph.D. in chemistry from Auburn University. Currently he lives in California with his expectant wife, adopted niece, and one-year old son. When he’s not busy making the world safe for chemistry students, Dr. Kent enjoys experiencing new places, new cultures, and new foods with his family and friends.