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Increase your understanding of chemistry FAST with the GetChemistryHelp Mega Bundle!


Struggling with Chemistry?

You’re probably here because you need help understanding chemistry. Maybe your teacher seems to be speaking a foreign language and you need someone to break it down in plain, simple English? Perhaps it’s been a while since you last took a chemistry class and you could use a refresher? Regardless of your reason, I know I can help.

My name is Dr. Kent and I’ve helped thousands of students succeed in chemistry. After decades of teaching I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. What I’m going to share with you isn’t theory, it’s what has proven to work over and over again.

Dr. Kent has helped thousands of students find success in chemistry


You Teach Chemistry in English



What is the GetChemistryHelp Mega Bundle?

 Red Checkmark Short, easy-to-follow video lessons on 37 important topics

  • Save time by learning only what you need to know!
 Short, easy-to-follow video lessons
 Red Checkmark Actionable practice worksheets

  • Immediately reinforce the concepts from the lessons so they stick!
 Actionable practice worksheets
 Red Checkmark Video answer keys

  • Get stuck? Follow along as I solve each worksheet!
 Video Answer Keys
 Red Checkmark EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Written answer keys

  • Not available anywhere else – Worked out solutions for every worksheet!
 Bonus: Written Answer Keys

Get all of this in the GetChemistryHelp Mega Bundle!


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Quickly Understand 37 Important Chemistry Topics

The GetChemistryHelp Mega Bundle includes video lessons, worksheets, video solutions, and answer keys for dozens of important chemistry topics including:

  • The Metric System
  • Unit Conversions
  • Naming Chemical Compounds (Ionic, Molecular & Acids)
  • The Mole (Avogadro’s Number, Molar Mass, Mole Ratio)
  • Writing Chemical Equations
  • Balancing Chemical Equations
  • Reaction Stoichiometry (Limiting Reactants)
  • The Structure of the Atom
  • The Scientific Method
  • Significant Digits
  • Scientific Notation
  • Heat & Specific Heat Capacity
PDF and Video


Join Hundreds of Students Who Have Found Success!

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People Will Actually Know What Is Going On
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this cover everything I need to know?
A: Every chemistry course is different so it’s impossible to cover everything in your specific course. BUT most every course hits the same highlights which is what you’ll find in this bundle – not every single topic, but 37 of the most important.
My Teacher Just Throws the Papers in Our Face
Q: Which chemistry courses will this help me with?
A: The 37 fundamental topics covered in the GetChemistryHelp Mega Bundle will help you with any foundational chemistry course including:

  • High School Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • College Introductory Chemistry
  • College General Chemistry
  • And any other beginning chemistry course!
Chemistry Made Much More Sense
Q: Is this for high school, home school, or college students?
A: Yes, yes, and yes!  The material in this bundle is broken down to the fundamentals and presented in a clear, concise manner so students of any level can grasp it.
Easy to Understand and Not Boring
Q: I’m an older, returning student.  Will this help me?
A: Absolutely!  If it’s been a few years since you were in school, then the resources in this bundle are an ideal way to digest chemistry at your own pace.  Review any time and as often as you want!
Chemistry Makes Sense Like Magic
Q: Can you guarantee that I’ll get an A in chemistry?
A: Between teachers’ requirements, individual students’ study habits, and other unknowns there are just too many variables to guarantee you’ll get an A.  However, I CAN guarantee that using the material in this bundle will greatly increase your chances of success!
Q: So what specific topics are covered in the GetChemistryHelp Mega Bundle?
A: The complete list of 37 fundamental chemistry topics is:

  1. The Scientific Method
  2. Significant Digits (Significant Figures) & Measurements
  3. Significant Digits (Significant Figures) & Rounding
  4. Significant Digits (Significant Figures) & Calculations
  5. Scientific Notation
  6. Unit Analysis (Unit Conversions)
  7. Metric System & Conversions
  8. Compound Unit Conversions (miles/gallon, kilometers/hour)
  9. Heat & Specific Heat Capacity
  10. Structure of the Atom – Protons, Electrons & Neutrons
  11. Isotopes – Atomic Number & Mass Number
  12. Average Atomic Mass Calculations
  13. Chemical Formulas
  14. Monoatomic Ions
  15. Polyatomic Ions
  16. Identifying Ionic vs. Molecular Compounds
  17. Formulas of Ionic Compounds
  18. Naming Ionic Compounds
  19. Names & Formulas of Molecular (Covalent) Compounds
  20. Names & Formulas of Acids
  21. Formulas for Chemical Compounds (All Types)
  22. Naming Chemical Compounds (All Types)
  23. The Mole (Avogadro’s Number)
  24. Molar Mass
  25. Mole Calculations
  26. Mole Ratio from Chemical Formulas
  27. Percent Composition
  28. Empirical & Molecular Formulas
  29. Determining Formula from Composition Data
  30. Writing Chemical Equations
  31. Balancing Chemical Equations
  32. Types of Chemical Reactions
  33. Double Displacement Reactions (Precipitation Reactions, Solubility)
  34. Acid-Base Neutralization Reactions
  35. Gas Evolution Reactions
  36. Reaction Stoichiometry
  37. Limiting Reactants
Q: How is the GetChemistryHelp Mega Bundle delivered?
A: You’ll receive a .ZIP file that contains a master Study Guide, 37 PDFs, and links to 52 videos!  The Study Guide outlines each of the resources, how they tie in to each topic, and when to use each worksheet, as well as linking to the video lessons and video answer keys.
I Finally Understand Chemistry


You Need Help Passing Chemistry. The GetChemistryHelp Mega Bundle Is the Nswer.
  • Over 9 hours of video content!

  • 52 videos covering 37 important chemistry topics

  • 17 practice worksheets to reinforce the video content

  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Written answer keys for every worksheet!

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