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Chemistry Practice Problems: Mole Calculations

[Download the accompanying PDF worksheet.]

Perform the following calculations, being sure to give the answer with the correct number of significant digits.

  1. How many atoms are in 8.21 g Li?
  2. What is the mass in grams of 4.17×1021 formula units of magnesium perchlorate?
  3. How many sulfur atoms are in 72 g of cobalt(III) sulfate?
  4. How many grams of lithium are in 30.6 g of lithium nitride?
  5. A sample of cadmium borate contains 72.9 g of boron.  What mass of cadmium will the sample contain?
  6. What is the mass of sulfur in grams in a sample of manganese(VI) sulfate containing 8.291×1024 oxygen atoms?



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